Monday, March 20, 2017

Safety Tips While Travelling Late on Campus

Public safety on University Campuses is a growing concern. News of campus shootings and assaults send shock waves through students and parents around the world. Familiarizing yourself with some easy safety tips can be the difference in your University/College experience.

Familiarize Yourself With the School Campus and the Location
Knowing a school’s safety system is an integral part in ensuring your safety. A school’s website likely has helpful security information. If not, try visiting the office or calling in to gather more information.

The more you know about the local crime in the area of the school, the more prepared you will be when travelling on campus. SpyChain has readily available data of trending crime reports in different locations around the world.

Never Walk Home Alone
Try and walk with a friend when leaving an evening class, having a companion to walk with, can be the difference in becoming a victim of a crime. If you are a campus resident, try telling your roommate when they should expect you home. Depending on the University, there may be a ‘ride safe’ service offered for late classes.

Know How to Defend Yourself
It sometimes only takes one moment to avoid being a victim of assault or theft; having pepper spray, mace or a whistle can be the difference in that moment’s outcome. Please remember that none of these are toys and should not be used unless you are in danger.

There is nothing more useful than taking a self-defense class, sign up for a self-defense class to put yourself in control of the outcome.

Keep Your Cellphone Close

Being on a phone call while travelling on campus can be the difference in being targeted for an attack. If a predator sees that you are on your cell phone, they will be reluctant to approach. There are many new opportunities that allow people to report crime quick and anonymously. SpyChain allows people to report crime anonymously through their Facebook Messenger bot.  

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