Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thinking about a tropical vacation? Here are the top areas of criminal activity in beautiful travel destinations.

When planning a trip, we often get lost in all the beauty a certain location has to offer, without truly understanding the risks involved in travelling to new destinations. We, at SpyChain, decided to do some research of our own into the most frequent crimes in the most popular travel destinations. We encourage you to share your own stories from any of the locations listed below, or to report your story to our bot on Facebook Messenger.


The beautiful island of Hawaii, the destination for anyone looking for a relaxing or exciting vacation.  From romantic escapades to family fun; from whale watching to walking on a volcano; you can do it all or you can simply sit back and do nothing (we didn’t even mention the fantastic beaches!). Overall, the violent crimes in Hawaii are lower than average rates; however, the major problem in Hawaii drug-related crime. Methamphetamine (commonly knows as crystal meth) is the most commonly used drug in Hawaii. Crystal Meth has been an issue in Hawaii since the late 1970s, and has only grown over time. This could correlate with the homeless population, as since the year 2000 the homeless population in Hawaii has increased by 61%!


Jamaica is a beautiful island bursting with culture and adventure. Whether you are looking to enjoy the many miles of the beautiful beaches or soaking in the magnificent mountain views; there are endless amounts of tourist attractions and activities for a fun-filled vacation. Aside from the obvious crime of Marijuana use, organized/gang-related crime is extremely prominent in Jamaica. A major concern from citizens is that they feel the police cannot protect them and that they could be colluding with criminals. Another major concern is the sexual assault crimes committed against tourists from hotel employees at resorts. When travelling at night, make sure to walk in big groups and be in heavily populated areas.

Costa Rica

A country that is filled with stunning forests, breathtaking river valleys, active volcanoes and untouched beaches. The natural beauty that Costa Rica holds creates a high demand for tourist activity. Costa Rica’s crime, on the other hand, might make you think twice about a family vacation. While visitors of the country are often not victims of crime, they are still considered targets. Petty theft crimes and armed robberies continue to be the main issue in Costa Rica, so bad that people have been robbed in broad daylight! Sex tourism is very common in tourist areas; tourists who engage in this type of activity exponentially increase their chances of being victim to a crime.


This beautiful Caribbean island is only 15 miles off the Venezuela coast and is considered by many to have the most beautiful weather consistently. They are located just below the hurricane belt, and their climate is dry, so they rarely have a rainy day. The crime in Aruba is generally low. The main issue is theft on beaches, cars, hotel rooms and lobbies. The drinking age is not strongly enforced and this results in a lot of underage drinking.  


The Islands of the Bahamas is a beautiful destination with some of the most incredible beaches in the world. Just 50 miles off the coast of Florida, it is an easy and convenient dream vacation with a beautiful ocean. Bahamas has a high crime rate, but thankfully the crime doesn’t tend to happen in tourist locations during the day. Most crime happens to take place in a part of Nassau that is not usually visited by tourists (“the over-the-hill” area south of downtown). Criminals target restaurants and nightclubs visited by tourists, so always make sure that you are in large groups when leaving the resort. Sexual assaults is a concern and most assaults have been perpetrated against intoxicated young women, some of whom have been drugged.

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